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School of Computing

Skill levels

Required skill levels for beginning courses

In the calendar and timetable, for the first year courses

  • BUS 160/CIS 110 - Computerized Business Applications
  • CIS 145 - Web Publishing
  • CIS 146 - Web Publishing - Intermediate (see self-assessment test below)
  • CIS 162 - Introduction to Animation
  • CIS 165 - 3D Animation
  • CIS 190 - Systems Hardware Concepts
  • COMP 125 - Principles of Computing
  • COMP 150 - Introduction to Programming

The following warning is given instead of specific prerequisites:

"Familiarity with computers is essential for success in this course.  Students should consult the CIS web page at for details."

You will need the skills listed below in order to succeed in these courses.  If you do not currently have those skills, you should ensure that you obtain them by the time classes start.  Instructors may advise students lacking these skills to drop the course.

If you do not have these skills, CIS 100 with a grade of C or better is recommended.  You can write the Computer Skills Placement Test (CSPT) if you wish to check your level of knowledge.  See the UFV Assessment Services for more details.

General skills required for all courses

Students should be familiar with computing in a Windows environment (Windows XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, Windows Vista, Windows 7), and be able to:

  • Start up and shut down the computer.
  • Work in the Microsoft Windows graphical user environment with a mouse.
  • Set up personal preferences for the desktop and display properties.
  • Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to find files.
  • Find and start programs, and navigate menu systems to choose options.
  • Create professional documents in Word, including formatting, pagination, headers and footers, numbered and bulleted lists, etc..
  • Create and use spreadsheets in Excel, including formulas, formatting, linking and the use of charts and graphs.
  • Create folders, copy folders and files, move files, rename files, delete files and folders.
  • Copy and move files and folders onto other media (floppy disks, USB flash drives, network drives, CDRWs, etc.)
  • Browse and search the World Wide Web using Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Use e-mail to send and receive messages.

Additional skills required for specific courses

CIS 146 - Web Publishing - Intermediate

COMP 150 Introduction to Programming is a pre- or co-requisite, plus the following skills are required:

  • Good basic computer skills, file management, etc.
  • Good use of the Internet/Web.
  • Basic HTML knowledge.
  • Programming knowledge is an asset.

Self assessment test: to try a self-test to see if you would be better suited to take CIS 146.  You should score about 75% or better on this self test to be well prepared for CIS 146.  Note that you can try again after giving a wrong answer, for part marks! The on-line test automatically returns a score, and no record is kept.

Students should consult the current CIS 146 instructor if they are still unsure whether they are prepared for this course after trying the test.

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