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School of Computing

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Choose from one-, two-, and four-year programs in computer information systems and computing science.

Not sure how computer information systems and computing science are different?
We wrote a guide for you.

Learn about CIS vs CS

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

This four-year program will give you a versatile set of technical skills. You'll learn networks & security, programming, web design, business skills, and more.

Bachelor of Science (Computing Science major)  

In the CS degree, you'll dive deep into algorithms, math, programming, and data. Its narrower focus will prepare you well for a career in software design and development.

Computer Information Systems diploma

Gain the skills to tackle the technological challenges today's businesses face. This two-year program will equip you to support single-user and networked systems.

Computer Information Systems certificate

A one-year introductory program that gives you tools to meet the needs of small companies. You'll gain the skills to work with single-user systems.

Coding Skills associate certificate

A 15-credit program that pushes your coding skills further. This program will help you move into junior front-end and back-end development, app creation, and API engineering.

More computing program options

You don't need to major in computing to gain valuable tech skills. A minor in computing science or computer information systems can be paired with other degree programs to create a high-value combo. Or consider the data analysis certificate, which combines math & statistics with the power of computing.



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