‌As a university, a variety of awards, bursaries and scholarships are available to you. Take the time to research your options and apply to all the opportunities for which you qualify.

Entrance scholarships

UFV offers entrance scholarships to students who are enrolling at UFV in the academic year immediately following their high school graduation. Planning to come to UFV? Look and see if you qualify for an entrance scholarship.


If you are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who is studying at UFV and you have genuine financial need, you may qualify for a non-repayable bursary. Check out the selection of UFV Bursaries available.

Scholarships & Leadership Awards

UFV offers a wide selection of scholarships and leadership awards. If you get good grades or are involved in community service, student activities, or volunteerism, you may qualify. International students who meet the requirements are welcome to apply. Explore UFV's scholarships and leadership awards.

UFV Trades Awards

UFV offers entrance scholarships, bursaries, and scholarship/leadership awards to students enrolling in or enrolled in trades specific programs through the Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies. Explore UFV's Trades awards.

External awards

UFV does not administer these awards: but they are available to UFV students. To qualify, you must meet the criteria in the award listing and apply directly to the organization offering the award. Find out if you qualify for an external award.

Graduate studies scholarships & bursaries

Going on to further studies after you graduate from UFV? Find out if you qualify for a graduate studies scholarships.

Award Regulations

Read the fine print to make sure you understand the rules regulating awards

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