Schedule of Events for Financing Your Education

May - July
Work and save funds for educational costs.

Do you need financial aid for the Fall semester (September - December) APPLY NOW for your Canada-B.C. Student Loan. StudentAidBC applications are available on-line at:  Paper applications are available for students who will be studying out of province.  These can be picked up from the office of Financial Aid and Awards (Abbotsford or Chilliwack campuses).

Apply for on-campus Work Study. Work Study is a way to maximize your finances by participating in on-campus part-time work. Postings will be available on the web at at the beginning of September.

Apply for UFV Bursaries

Fall September 15 - October 31
Winter January 15 - February 28
Summer May 30 - June 30
Trades September 15 - June 30

Students can apply per semester.  Trades is available once a year.

Do you need financial aid for the Winter semester (January - April) OR if you haven't already applied for financial aid for the Fall semester.  APPLY NOW for your Canada-B.C. Student Loan. 

Apply for UFV Bursaries, starting January 15th. Applications accepted until midnight, February 28th. 
Check out Work Study at  There may still be work available!

If you are a UFV student with a GPA of 3.5 or higher apply for UFV Scholarships.
Do you need financial aid for the Summer semester (May - August)?   APPLY NOW for your Canada-B.C. Student Loan


Apply for UFV Bursaries, starting May 30th. Applications accepted until midnight, June 30th. 

Apply online for your
Canada-B.C. Student Loan
6 to 8 weeks before start
of term.

Apply for Interest-free status and
continue your full-time studies
without renewing your student loan.

Apply for UFV Bursaries
online through myUFV.
Applications accepted
every semester.

Find out about UFV Scholarships.
Applications accepted from
March 15 to May 10.

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