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Graphic + Digital Design

Fees and costs

Graphic & Digital Design courses
  2024-2025 2023-2024
Tuition/credit $262.01 $256.87
Ancillary fee/credit
$16.33 $16.01

Experiential Learning & Wellness fee/credit

$3.27 $3.20
Tuition and fees (per credit) $281.61 $276.08
Student union & society fees (per semester) $170.79 $165.90
Health & dental plan fee (Sept - Aug)
$195.59 $195.59


The ancillary fee provides support for activities, athletics, library and technical services, student software, and student spaces. It's set at 10% of tuition, and is charged per credit.

The Experiential Learning & Wellness fee provides support for students in the form of experiential and co-curricular learning opportunities, expansion of the Co-Curricular Record, health & well-being, and peer mentoring. It is set at 2% of the tuition.

UFV collects fees on behalf of the Student Union Society, the Cascade Journalism Society, and UFV Campus and Community Radio every semester. Learn more about student union & society fees.

Tuition costs, materials fees, and student/activity fees:

A full course load in the GDD Diploma and GDD Major is approximately $4,000 to $5,000 per term for domestic students. All GD courses are $828.24 for 3 credits (2023-2024). Degree and Diploma students should budget an additional $300 to $500 per term for books and supplies.

International Student Fees

Equipment requirements for GDD Diploma and GDD Major students:

Students are required to have a MacBook Pro laptop configured as per GDD specifications. The cost ranges between $2,500 to $3,500. The GDD studio spaces provide access to Adobe CC, scanners, and colour printing.

All new students will receive an email notification with equipment specifications and appointment times for equipment set-up 4-6 weeks before the term start. Questions? Please contact Michael Barker, GDD Design Studio Systems Administrator at 604-504-7441 ext. 6898 or

Equipment access for all other students:

All GD courses are offered in networked Macintosh labs with access to Adobe CC, colour printers, scanners, etc. Designated production labs on Abbotsford campus provide additional access to iMacs for homework and project completion. Purchasing a MacBook Pro is optional, and recommended for students pursuing a Minor. Student computer accounts allow access to UFV computers and network files while on and off-campus.

To find out about equipment specifications, please check out GDD Lab Tech. Or contact our GDD Design Studio Systems Administrator, Michael Barker, at