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Graphic + Digital Design

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These courses are open to any student at UFV. To plan your specific program path, please consult with Paula Funk, the Arts Academic Advisor.

View the GDD program structure and printable planning documents:

Work integrated learning

Practicums and directed studies are available in all semesters.

If you have questions about work integrated learning, check out the co-op opportunities faq, or contact Tamara Courage, the Work Integrated Learning Coordinator.

When Graphic + Digital Design courses will be offered

The information below is subject to change without notice. Please refer to the official timetable or contact gdd@ufv.ca if you need more up-to-date information when planning your semester.

Upcoming courses  Winter 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024
100-level courses    
GD101 Fundamentals of Design
GD102 History of Graphic Design
GD154 Typography I
GD157 Digital Design Media I (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) ✓ 
GD159 Digital Design Media II (Adobe InDesign)
200-level courses    
GD202 Interactive Design I: Foundations in Web Design ✓ 
GD203 Dynamic Media I: Motion Graphics x
GD204 Interactive Design II: Web Development for Designers x
GD216 Illustration x
GD254 Typography II x x
GD260 Graphic and Digital Design I x
GD281 Applied Photography and Video x
MEDA222 Design Ethos and the Creative Practitioner x
300-level courses    
GD303 Dynamic Media II: Storytelling x x
GD304 User Experience Design x x
GD316 Print and Digital Production x
GD317 Graphic and Digital Design II x
GD357 Digital Project Management for Creative Practitioners x x
GD358 Interactive Design for Portfolio x
GD361 Portfolio Development for Graphic and Digital Design x
GD369 Professional Practices I x
GD374 Brand Identity I: Design x
GD375 Packaging x x
400-level courses    
GD403 Dynamic Media III: Titling and Video x x
GD450 Design Systems I: Experiential Graphic Design x x
GD460 Design Systems II: Transmedia Solutions x x
GD461 Advanced Portfolio for Graphic and Digital Design x x
MEDA469 Design Thinking for Creative Leadership x x
GD464 Community Planning and Development: Local Applied Studio x x


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