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Watch the 2021 BC Studies Conference

The History department hosted this multidisciplinary conference on the theme of ‘Ways of Being, Ways of Knowing’. Session recordings are now available to view!

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Learn from the past to shape the future

Sharpen your research, analytical, writing and public speaking skills, while applying the lessons of history to shed light on today’s pressing questions.

UFV History department offers various programs to equip you with in-demand professional skills: 

  • Earn a Bachelor of Arts with honours, major, minor, or extended minor in History and gain the critical thinking, communications, and organizational skills essential to launch a career in areas such as politics, publishing, public relations, or public administration. An undergraduate degree in history is also excellent preparation for further studies in law, archival science, or education.
  • Open doors in fields such as travel and tourism, journalism, diplomatic relations, international law, business, and international trade by adding a minor or an extended minor in Latin American Studies to your Bachelor of Arts.
  • Lay the foundation for a career in community development, foreign affairs, peacebuilding, advocacy, humanitarian relief, restorative justice or social entrepreneurship by undertaking a major or a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies.

You may also expand your career options or enhance your degree with additional certificates: 

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