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History — Bachelor of Arts

Explore cultures, populations, times and places, and examine how each of them contributed to shaping the world we live in today. Take an honours, major, minor, or extended minor in history as part of the UFV's Bachelor of Arts, and grow your critical thinking, analysis, research, writing, and communication skills to a high level.

Latin American Studies — Bachelor of Arts

Prepare for a career that could take you across borders by choosing a minor or extended minor in Latin American Studies. Study the dynamics and history of this major economic zone, and develop strong cultural expertise that can open doors in fields such as travel and tourism, journalism, diplomatic relations, international law, sustainable development, business, and international trade.

Peace and Conflict Studies — Bachelor of Arts

Acquire the skills and knowledge to become a peacebuilder. UFV's Bachelor of Arts with a major or minor in Peace and Conflict Studies is an applied program that focuses on conflict transformation and helps you understand the dynamics governing human conflict and peacebuilding initiatives.

Diaspora Studies — certificate

Add weight to your résumé with UFV's Diaspora Studies certificate. The multi-disciplinary 21-credit program can prepare you for diaspora-related graduate work or a career in public service, community development, social policy, and immigration and settlement.

Early Modern Studies — certificate

UFV's Early Modern Studies certificate is an excellent option if you plan a career in education, want to pursue graduate studies (including museum or archival studies,  and social sciences), or work in a field where written and visual communication is key.

India-Canada Studies — certificate

Enhance your major field of study by delving into the rich social, cultural, and political heritage of the Indian community in Canada. UFV's India-Canada Studies certificate is a great stepping stone for graduate studies in South Asian studies or other related disciplines such as anthropology, cultural studies, economics, global development studies, history, and sociology.

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