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April 7, 2021: Titrating the Ambulance: Interfacing work and technological ‘innovations’ on the front lines of Emergency Medical Services

  • Speaker: Dr. Michael Corman, Assistant Professor, Social, Cultural & Media Studies; EFCIE Faculty Associate
  • Summary: In this presentation, Dr. Corman explored how paramedics work in and on their “apparatus unit” to make it a workable fit. This hidden and taken-for-granted work is important because much is at stake in the back of the ambulance, particularly in relation to quality of care and safety. Dr. Corman shed light on the situated work processes of paramedics as they orient and respond to their “apparatus unit” and enact quality and safety in practice. In doing so, he explored how we can deploy rigorous research strategies that are grounded in the “everyday” to make technological innovations more generous to those they are intended for.

EFCIE Event Flyer - 20210407 - Dr. Corman (PDF)


March 24, 2021: Venturing into Biotechnology

  • Speaker: Michael Parr, PhD, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Sitka Biopharma; EFCIE Industry Mentor
  • Summary: In this presentation, Dr. Michael Parr spoke from his experience in the biotechnology sector to look at the process of evaluating a new idea or technology, and forming a new company. He also discussed strategies for managing risks and gave practical advice for finding support, mentors, and investors to enable one's vision to become a viable company going forward.

EFCIE Event Flyer - 20210324 - Dr. Parr (PDF)


March 17, 2021: Human-centered A.I. in Sustainable Energy Optimization for Smart Homes and Buildings

  • Speaker: Dr. Amir Shabani – Asst. Professor, Computer Information Systems; EFCIE Faculty Associate
  • Summary: In this talk, Dr. Shabani explained how his research team has developed a solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could provide a data-driven strategy for energy optimization in a smart home. More specifically, he explained the importance of early market data collection and its role in the design of a human-centered AI solution in product development.

EFCIE Event Flyer - 20210317 - Dr. Shabani (PDF)


March 10, 2021: Innovation and Competitiveness Linkages in India: Exploring Opportunities for IIT Bombay & Canada Cooperation

  • Speaker: Dr. Kirankumar S. Momaya – Professor, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay
  • Summary: Building on rich experiences of building partnerships with Japan and his current work at IIT Bombay, Dr. Momaya explored the potential and possibilities for research collaborations between Canada and India, focusing on emerging industries such as digital platforms, nanotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, and clean technology.

EFCIE Event Flyer - 20210310 - Dr. Momaya (PDF)‌ | UFV Today story


February 4, 2021: Tools for Your Toolkit: Biomechanical Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis

  • Speakers: Dr. Gillian Hatfield – Asst. Professor, Kinesiology, UFV; Jesse M. Charlton – MSc, PhD(c), UBC
  • Summary: Dr. Hatfield and Mr. Charlton discussed the biomechanical risk factors for knee osteoarthritis progression, and what current non-invasive and non-pharmacological treatment options are available for individuals with knee osteoarthritis (e.g., shoe orthotics, gait modification).

EFCIE Event Flyer - 20210204 - Dr. Hatfield, Charlton (PDF)


January 20, 2021: Social Enterprise Workshop

  • Speaker: Stacey Corriveau – Founding Executive Director, BC Centre for Social Enterprise
  • Summary: Ms. Corriveau provided an introduction to the legal landscape of social enterprise in Canada, and discussed why social enterprises are an important mechanism for the identification and mitigation of significant challenges facing society.

EFCIE Event Flyer - 20210120 - Corriveau (PDF)

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