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Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning

Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning

The MBTL program is not currently accepting applications for the 2023/2024 academic year. Contact to be notified of the next intake.


Graduate certificate

3 semesters

Part time

How to apply

Start date:
No intake until further notice 


Tuition: Domestic $5,000, International $8300.  Fees and costs



UFV’s Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning (MBTL) graduate certificate — one of the first of its kind in North America — is designed to meet the career needs of practicing professionals. Regardless of your industry, the MBTL graduate certificate prepares you to become a professional mindfulness leader while deepening your own mindfulness practice and knowledge.

Delivered through blended courses and applied field experience, this four-course, 12 graduate-level credit program provides you with a thorough foundation in the most recent developments in mindfulness teaching techniques. You learn the tools necessary to lead mindfulness practices and develop strategies to promote mindfulness as a method to enhance well-being and lifelong learning.

The first course teaches you the rich and varied connections between mindfulness theories, concepts, research, and practice. Through secular-scientific research, you study mindfulness from the perspectives of Buddhism and Asian traditions.

As part of the program, you also delve into mindfulness as an experiential learning approach that fosters attention, social-emotional learning, self-regulation, compassion, and reflection.

Throughout the program, you receive the support of accredited mindfulness trainers to complete inquiry projects and field experiences within the professional and teaching fields in which you wish to practice.

The final course requires you to complete a five-day supervised retreat to practice mindfulness teaching in a more intensive context.


Program outline 

Course Title Credits
MBTL 700  Introduction to Mindfulness: Research, Theory, and Practice 3
MBTL 708 Mindfulness-Based Teaching, Learning and Leading 3
MBTL 710* Mindfulness Practice (See Note) 3
MBTL 721 Mindfulness in Research and Practice 3

Note: This course will be offered as the final course of the program in the Summer semester during a five-day residential retreat intensive


Earning a certificate in Mindfulness-based Teaching and Learning prepares you to acquire a professional specialization that involves helping people enhance their well-being, cope with stress, or manage chronic illness. Become a trainer in your own field or industry and promote health and well-being among employees and clients through a mindfulness-based practice.

The MBTL program opens also opens pathways for further education:

Specialization Pathways

Upon receiving your Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning certification, you may choose to pursue a certification as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) facilitator to qualify you to teach these more regulated mindfulness programs. As part of the intake process, you'll be asked to identify if you are looking for any specific mindfulness program facilitator qualifications.

Graduate Degree Pathways

Once completed, the MBTL graduate certificate earns 12 credits of upper-level graduate coursework at the 700-level that can be transferred readily into a range of degree-granting Masters or Doctoral programs. UFV has a formal articulation agreement with the University of Calgary's Werklund School of Education, for example, that enables the MBTL graduate certificate to serve as the first 12-credits of their Interdisciplinary M.Ed. degree. 

The University of British Columbia's Educational Studies has M.Ed. programs that allow for the transfer of all 12-credits for specialization in, for example, Adult Education. Other graduate programs at other institutions may accept the credits for transfer if their program has sufficient elective options. Please contact the relevant graduate programs for more information if you have questions about this.


The entrance requirements for MBTL are:

  1. Baccalaureate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0*
  2. Evidence of meeting UFV’s Degree level English Language Proficiency standards.**
  3. Evidence of completion of an eight-week mindfulness course.
  4. Evidence of completion of a five-day silent retreat.
  5. Additional documents: A resume, a letter of intent, and three letters of reference.

*Baccalaureate degree must be from a recognized institution. Applicants with equivalent experience can apply through the competency pathway.

View the detailed entrance requirements for Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning in the UFV Academic Calendar.


This program is open to international students

Email for information about applying as an international student. 


Leanne Woelke

The MBTL program took my passion and practice for mindfulness and reinforced it with structure, evidenced-based research, and social learning that continues to elevate the development offerings I provide both within and outside of the workplace.

  • – Michael Lorsch
  •    Adult Learning + Leadership Partner
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