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Navigating MyClass (Instructors)

Ultra Base Navigation - Instructors

Navigating inside the new myClass - Blackboard resources

Upgraded June 2022

You are viewing resources about the Ultra Base Navigation experience, which arrived in UFV's MyClass at the end of June 2022.


How to manage your online persona, share your preferred pronouns, and personalize your notification settings.

Activity stream

Check out activity stream features: no need to dig through the system or search for deadlines and test dates.


How to navigate to your courses and use features like search, filter, and favourites.


See all your events and due dates in one place and sync with your Google, Outlook, or iPhone calendar.


See how you can stay connected to your peers and instructors.


See what needs grading across all your courses.


Access the organizations that you lead or are a member of.


Access global functions such as portfolios or the Content Collection.


A central hub for both online and on-campus resources meant to drive student success.

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