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Semester information

‌Important Winter 2023 information for faculty

  • Fall Courses are set to close on Dec.31 2022. If you need your course extended, please complete the Course Extension Form.
  • If you do not see your past courses, make sure your filter is displaying ALL Courses. Visit the Find Your Courses guide for help.
  • Winter Term Blackboard course shells will be available to students on Jan. 4, 2023, at 12 am. The course shells are set according to the scheduled UFV Timetable. If you need your course created earlier than the start date, please complete the Course Extension Form.
  • Blackboard has moved to a single app. Your current Blackboard app should update automatically. The Blackboard Instructor app will no longer be supported from Friday 30th September 2022, and will be removed from the Apple and Android App stores. The app will continue to work on devices, but updates, enhancements and support will cease after this time. If automatic update is not working simply remove the app from your device and then download the Blackboard app.

Course Sizes

  • Blackboard Disk usage has reached its licensed allottment. We have a number of Courses that are over 10 gb in size. We will be reaching out to those who have large course sizes. A reminder to those teaching this term to use Kaltura for uploading videos. This includes student video assignments. The following link will take you to UFV Mediaspace, Teaching and Learning videos using Kaltura.
  • Add for your students a course weblink on "how to" submit a video assignment

Kaltura ( Video Management System)

  • With migration to Clouds completed. You may still come across Videos that view “ACCESS DENIED" for course embedded videos, Faculty are encouraged to re-embed the videos in the course if needed. For Assistance, please use the Report a Kaltura Issue form.

2019 Course Archiving

All Blackboard courses associated with 2019 term date will be deleted from your course list and archived (backed up) on December 21, 2022. If you want to keep a copy of your 2019 course, it will need to be copied over to a new course shell. Please use the following form, Development Shell Request. 

To Export or Archive your course into a local computer or OneDrive, Export\Archive.


ZOOM Web conferencing

Zoom has been integrated into the Blackboard Course environment. You can add Zoom Tool link to your course menu for your students to access. 

How to add Zoom to Course environment


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