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Ultra experience - students

Intro to Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

Five things students love about the Ultra interface


It's enjoyable to use

With a modern, easy to use, mobile-friendly view into Blackboard Learn, Base Navigation is fun to use.


Gets you where you need to be faster

By surfacing information from all your courses and organizations in one place, Base Navigation makes it a cinch to get in, get it done, and move on with life!


Works great on all devices

Base Navigation works on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone, so your learning experience will be terrific regardless of device.


Shows you how you're doing

Quickly check grades across all your courses at a glance — and dive into any course for more detail with just one click.


Offers a personalized view just for you

Based on your personal preferences and role, Base Navigation delivers meaningful content that is most useful to you.


Upgrades are coming soon


Ultra Base navigation upgrade

Your MyClass (Blackboard) dashboard will switch to the Ultra experience in June 2022.

Ultra navigation how-tos


Ultra course experience

Your MyClass courses will switch from the Original view to the Ultra experience TBA.


Resources coming soon


Preview the Ultra Experience

The new Ultra navigation will have the same user interface as the Blackboard Learn mobile app. Downloading the app is a great way to get a headstart on the new MyClass features.

Available on Android & iOS

UFV mobile on Android app store UFV Mobile App on Apple App Store‌‌ 

More info about Blackboard mobile apps



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