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Technical Requirements


  • Get a fast, stable wired network connection: 50-100 mpbs download, 5-10 mbps upload.
  • Browser check! See if your browser is supported.
  • Use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox: with pop-up blockers off, JavaScript & cookies enabled and cache cleared (major browsers): How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome‌ & How to Update Google Chrome
  • Before you start any critical tasks in myClass, reboot your computer, close all the other programs & apps and use only myClass.
  • Ask the other users in your places to stop using high-Internet-traffic programs & apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Skype, online games and so on while you are using myClass.
  • When you type long text lines, type and save them first on any text editor (NotePad, WordPad, Word, etc.) and then copy and paste them into myClass later.
  • Do not upload video and audio files directly into your myClass courses. Instead, upload them through Kaltura (My Media) and then make links to them inside your courses. 

Internet Connection

  • Recommended Internet speeds: 50-100 mpbs download, 5-10 mbps upload; Internet speed test on local servers (click here). Internet speed test on remote servers (click here).
  • Fast, stable wired network connection: the best option, especially for critical tasks such as exams/quizzes, assignments and uploading/streaming large files & multimedia.
  • UFV's student computer labs offer very fast, stable wired connections: Abbotsford campus - G210, G181, A302 & Building D's second floor; CEP campus - inside the library.
  • If your computer doesn’t  have a wired network port, you can use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter (click here). Your Internet modems should have around four wired ports at the back.
  • If your Internet modem is too far away, you can use a powerline network adapter kit (click here).
  • Secured wireless connection on EduRoam, Shaw, TelUs, Rogers, etc.: the second best option. If you can't use a wired connection at all, please put your computer/device very close to your Internet modem. Wi-Fi 5Ghz connections are prefereed over 2.4 Ghz. Please do not rely on wireless connections in public places such as coffee shops, malls and grocery stores. 
  • Satellite (such as Hughes Net) will work, but you will encounter a latency (a delay) between the satellite connection and myClass.
  • No Dial-up: You should not rely on dial-up connections at all.

Hardware & Operating System

  • Desktop or laptop computer on the current versions of Windows or Mac OS. Mobile devices on Android, iOS and Chrome OS may have some limitations.
  • CPU: recent Intel i3 or higher or AMD Ryzen 3 or higher.
  • Network port (Ethernet / wired LAN) and cable (recommended for faster, stable connections).
  • USB headset/microphone/speakers or webcam may be required; refer to course requirements.

If you have questions or need help, please email asktlc@ufv.ca

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