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Peace and Reconciliation Centre

Student Catalyst Scholarship

The Student Catalyst Scholarship is designed to support a mentoring partnership between a UFV faculty member and a UFV student with the objective of composing a work of collaborative scholarship for submission as a jointly authored article/chapter.

Many faculty members have works in progress, but without the support of a dedicated student assistant, the work risks remaining in that state. The Catalyst Scholarship is designed to advance this work to a publishable state. The final, jointly authored, publication submission will enrich the CVs of both the student and the sponsoring faculty member.

  • Term: 8 months
  • Value: $1,500; shared office/creative space in the Collaboratorium at the Chilliwack Campus
  • Deadline: Ongoing; applications will be accepted and adjudicated until funding has been exhausted.


All UFV students are eligible, but can only be considered by being sponsored by a UFV faculty member who commits to mentoring and partnering with the student.


  • Within one year, the successful sponsoring faculty member will work with UFV communication staff (in PARC and/or Research Office) to submit a social media or news article highlighting the achievements accomplished with the funding.
  • Within one year the successful sponsoring faculty member will submit a maximum one-page final report highlighting the outcomes and results of the fellowship.
  • Acknowledge UFV in any resulting publications or artistic equivalents (e.g. art exhibits).

Application process

  • A maximum one-page cover letter from the sponsoring faculty member explaining the scholarly merits of the project and how this work will contribute to the goals and vision of Peace and Reconciliation. The letter must include a brief description of how the faculty member will mentor and collaborate with the student. The letter must also include the name of the journal or edited collection to which the completed article/chapter will be submitted, and an estimated date of submission.
  • A maximum one-page description by the sponsoring faculty member outlining the student nominee’s academic merits and potential, including the student’s name and degree program.

Adjudication criteria

The Adjudication Committee will be guided by a desire to recognize applications that are poised to make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge through research, scholarly and artistic work within any disciplinary or inter-disciplinary field and that contributes to the broad goal of promoting peace and reconciliation among and between people, organizations, and nations.

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