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Upcoming Courses

Course Offerings for the 2023 - 2024 Academic Year

Although we do our best to plan our course offerings there are instances where a course may be changed or cancelled. Please refer to the official timetable when planning your semester.

Upcoming Courses Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Summer 2024
100-Level Courses
PHIL 100 - Reasoning: Intro to Critical Thinking
PHIL 110 - Intro: Ethics & Moral Problems X
PHIL 120 - Knowledge & Reality X
200-Level Courses
PHIL 210 - Introduction to Political Philosophy X X
PHIL 240 - Philosophy of Religion X X
PHIL 251A - Rationalism & Early Modern Philosophy X X
300-Level Courses
PHIL 300 - Symbolic Logic in Context X X
PHIL 309 - Feminist Philosophy X X
PHIL 311 - Political Philosophy: Recognition & Resurgence X X X
PHIL 318 - Environmental Ethics X X
PHIL 320 - Contemporary Metaphysics & Epistemology  X X
PHIL 352 - History of Early Analytic Philosophy X X
PHIL 353 - Philosophies of India X X
PHIL 364 - Philosophy of Childhood X X
400-Level Courses
PHIL 483 - Selected Topics in Philosophy X X

If you haven't found the course you were searching for or if you have any questions related to your academic planning, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

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