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Careers in philosophy

Choosing a major

Why choose philosophy as a major? The following articles describe the personal, academic, and career value of philosophy:

Developing skills

The skills you acquire at UFV in the study of philosophy are transferable and applicable for many different careers. They include the following:

  • expose and clarify questions, assumptions, biases, language, and concept
  • design research programs
  • find basic sources of data and unobvious sources of data
  • interpret and evaluate different views
  • apply logic to computer programming, research, and development
  • trace and construct elaborate chains of evidence and argument
  • write clear, concise reports, briefs, case studies, etc.
  • see the larger issues and implications of a problems
  • lead and guide discussions with diverse individuals
  • analyse, formulate, and present logical arguments
  • ability to think through the consequences of decisions and make an informed decision
  • generate solutions to a variety of problems

Career options

Traditionally, students who major in philosophy would teach in a college or university after completing a graduate degree in philosophy. These career opportunities have been greatly reduced for many years. However, with increased echo-boom enrolments and the retirement of many boomer philosophy instructors, the prospects for a career teaching philosophy have improved a great deal.

A degree in philosophy forms a good basis for many other careers, including law, medicine, mental healthcare, business, computer sciences, personnel management, human resources development, research, and consulting. Examples of job titles include:

  • legal professional
  • community worker
  • publisher
  • research assistant
  • journalist
  • business analyst
  • professor
  • opinion researcher
  • research coordinator
  • minister
  • labour relations officer
  • risk analyst
  • librarian
  • policy analyst

Career exploration tools

Informational interviews

The informational interview is a research tool that can be used to find out more by talking to people in a specific occupation or career area.


Sign up to UFV's CareerLink to receive career event updates and emails from the Career Centre. You can also check their webpage with career event updates.

LinkedIn Alumni tool

Gathered from the profiles of more than 200 million members, LinkedIn’s Alumni tool helps you explore alumni career paths from more than 22,000 colleges and universities worldwide – and build relationships that can help you along the way.

Acquiring professional experience

While you study, you can gain work experience and enhance your resume through a variety of ways, whether on or off campus:

Perform research

Connect with UFV’s Research office to assist you in becoming a student researcher, and exploring opportunities, such as international internships, research assistant positions, undergraduate research excellence awards, and more.

Participate in student government (clubs, newspaper, etc.)

  • UFV Association for Students of Philosophy (ASP)
  • The Cascade, UFV's autonomous student newspaper posts opportunities, including employment

Browse UFV student job postings

  • Visit CareerLink to learn how to work part time while you study through UFV's work study opportunities.

Join professional associations

Finding employment

The Centre for Experiential and Career Education is available to all UFV students and alumni and provides free access to the following:

  • job search tools
  • resume writing assistance
  • job postings
  • co-operative education
  • work study opportunities
  • career coaching appointments
  • career resources and events

Building on your degree

A major in philosophy prepares you for further study in fields such as:

  • Political science
  • Law
  • Business
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Technology