Program Development and Quality Assurance

Program Development and Quality Assurance

The Program Development and Quality Assurance (PDQA) office advises and assists faculty, staff, and administrators who are considering or engaged in, the development of new academic programs at UFV.

Faculty are central to the creation of new academic programs. A department or school will often spearhead an initiative, but UFV also encourages faculty from various areas to work together to design innovative, interdisciplinary programs. University-wide discussion groups that are formed around specific themes or areas of program focus (such as those identified in the Strategic Enrolment Management Plan) may also generate ideas or plans for new programs.

The PDQA office can help you:

  • strategize on how to create innovative and successful programs;
  • clarify issues related to policies, procedures, and regulations related to review and approval;
  • conduct research on student demand, labour market need, and employment opportunities;
  • identify comparable programs at other institutions and explore opportunities for collaboration;
  • analyze budgetary implications;
  • write the concept paper and program proposal;
  • take care of logistical details (schedule meetings and record meeting notes);
  • track the proposal through the approval process.

Program Development and Quality Assurance also involves the work of the Program Reviews in assuring UFV offers academic programs of the highest quality and standards.

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