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Program Development and Quality Assurance

How to implement a new program

Once a program has received final approval, PDQA will organize an implementation meeting with the chair of the Program Working Group, the responsible dean(s), the Vice-Provost, the Registrar, and for graduate programs, the Associate Vice-President, Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies. Notice of the program's implementation will be sent to the following units by the Vice-Provost's office, after approval of the start date by the Provost and Vice President, Academic:

  • Office of the Registrar
  • Academic Calendar editor
  • Academic Advising Centre
  • Community Engagement
  • UFV International
  • Budgets and Financial Planning
  • Institutional Research and Planning
  • Program Reviews
  • Future Students Office

The academic area is then responsible for working with the above areas, as needed, to complete the implementation, promotion and recruitment efforts for the newly approved program.

For more details about program implementation after approval, contact PDQA.


PDQA keeps Community Engagement informed of the progress of new programs in development. For successful promotion, the Marketing and Communications teams can provide guidance on the development of a marketing strategy six months to a year in advance of the anticipated start date. 

Since the approval timing for a certificate or diploma is relatively predictable, the academic area should coordinate with Community Engagement to prepare marketing materials soon after the program proposal has entered the approval process.

The timing of ministerial approval of degree-level programs is more difficult to predict, so it is the responsibility of the academic area to decide if they want to prepare marketing materials ahead of approval. 

Note: In all cases, no material can be posted or distributed until official approval is confirmed.

Contact UFV Communications and Marketing for help with your marketing strategy.


  • Inform UFV International if your program is expected to be of interest to international students.
  • Contact the Future Students office to talk to the Student Recruitment Coordinator.

Registering the program for StudentAid BC