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Program Development and Quality Assurance

Program Suspension and Discontinuance

The Program Suspension and Discontinuance policy (222) guides the transparent and accountable suspension and discontinuance of academic programs at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Programs included

The policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate programs, with the exception of:

  • all non-credit continuing education programs
  • specific focuses within a program.


Proposals can be submitted at any time but should be submitted in time to allow at least four months’ notice in the Academic Calendar. Areas must also keep in mind the program application start date. 

Suspend a program

Suspension stops student admissions for up to two years

Renew a suspension

Suspensions can be renewed once for a maximum of two years

Reinstate a program

Steps for reinstating a suspended program

Discontinue a program

Steps for discontinuing a program

Procedures, guidelines, and templates

The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Assistant of the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee (APPC) of Senate are, with consultation from PDQA, responsible for developing, maintaining, and communicating the procedures‌, guidelines, and templates in support of this policy. Read the Procedures for Suspension & Discontinuance (222)