Directed Studies

Directed Studies (DS) courses make it possible for one or more students to work under the guidance of a faculty member on a reading or research project of mutual interest. DS courses are not to duplicate material covered in other Psychology courses, and should contain an element of originality. Ideally, the course should be based on some issue associated with a topic rather than simply a survey of a topic.

Reasons to pursue directed studies courses include:

  • To follow a reading or research project in an area not covered in any of the other Psychology courses
  • To develop research interests
  • To gain practical experience and involvement in psychological research
  • To attempt to obtain publications as an undergraduate
  • To continue a well-developed project begun in another course

Three primary approaches are recognized:

  • An extensive literature review of an issue
  • Series of related short papers where different aspects of an issue are explored
  • A research project


  • Department head's permission, and project approval by the dean
  • A declared major or extended minor in Psychology is recommended
  • A faculty supervisor is required

If you have any questions or need the Directed Studies Application form, please contact the Psychology department assistant.

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