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Current Students

Research Participation Credit

As a UFV student taking either PSYC 101 or PSYC 102 on the Abbotsford campus, you are required to participate in research worth 4% of your final grade. The research credit provides you with a unique opportunity to learn, firsthand, how research is conducted in psychology.

Prerequisite Policy

Students without the appropriate prerequisites may have them waived. If space in the class is available, students without the prerequisites, who have submitted the Prerequisite Waiver form, may be considered by the instructor.

Directed Studies

Directed studies courses make it possible for one or more students to work under the guidance of a faculty member on a reading or research project of mutual interest. A directed studies course allows you to do accredited research in an area not covered in any other psychology courses while gaining practical experience in psychological research.

Psychology Honours

Psychology undergraduate students who have performed at a high level throughout their degree program have the opportunity to augment their education by attaining a Bachelor of Arts Psychology Honours designation. 

Students are encouraged to pursue the Psychology Honours program, and as a natural course of study will be expected to have identified and developed a working relationship with a thesis supervisor. Students cannot apply without an advisor.

Applications are due by June 1st each year, prior to the Fall registration period. Applications are available by emailing the Psychology Department Coordinator at

The BA Psychology Honours should be applied for after students have attained at least 90 credits towards their degree, and is generally completed in a student's final year of studies. 120 credits are required for an honours designation.


Peer tutoring

The Academic Success Centre (ASC) offers student-focused tutoring, workshops, online resources and support programs to develop students’ academic skills and knowledge. Peer tutors work with students on personal learning strategies and approaches, and provide writing and subject-area support.

Student Psychology Association

At UFV, students in psychology are represented by the Student Psychology Association (SPA).The SPA holds a variety of activities to support students in the psychology program or individuals who are interested in learning about what psychology has to offer.


The Psychology Research and Study Space (PRASS) is open to all students interested in psychology. In the PRASS, you will find resources for a variety of activities that students may be interested in. The study space contains hundreds of articles from psychology journals, and a broad selection of books related to many areas of psychology that cannot be found in the UFV Library.

APA Style Guide

View UFV's current guidelines for writing in APA style. APA is the accepted standard for academic journals and psychology papers written at UFV.