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Research Participation Credit

As a UFV student taking either PSYC 101 or PSYC 102 on the Abbotsford campus, you are required to participate in research worth 4% of your final grade. (Chilliwack, Mission and Online courses are currently not included in this research option). The research credit provides you with a unique opportunity to learn, firsthand, how research is conducted in psychology. You will also be contributing to psychological literature. To fulfill your research credit you are required to participate in research being conducted during the semester, or to complete an Alternative to Research Assignment.

Option # 1 - Research Participation

If you choose this option you will sign-up for 1.5 hours worth of research done through study participation. The first and second ½ hour studies are worth 1 credit, and the third ½ hour study is worth 2 credits. If you take part in the full number of credits (3), you will receive your 4% participation credit. Therefore, you will be required to sign-up for more than one study in order to receive full research credit.

When you show up for the study, the study will be explained and you will then be asked to volunteer to participate as a research subject in the study. All studies will have ethics approval. The process for signing up and receiving credit is as follows:

We have in place, the Sona Systems Experiment Management System, which provides an easy method for you, as a student, to sign up for studies and track your progress throughout the term. Everything is done through the software’s web-based interface, so you can access the system at any time, from any computer with a standard web browser.

Sign up for a study here

Option # 2 - Alternative to Research Assignment

Students choosing this option will complete the following assignment:

Go to the link below:

At the bottom of the linked page, download the new Canadian code of ethics.

In that document there are 4 major categories:

  • Respect for Dignity of Persons
  • Responsible Caring
  • Integrity in Relationships
  • Responsibility to Society

For each of those categories there is a Values Statement. The assignment is to summarize, in your own words, each of those four values statements and discuss why each is important. The due date for this alternative assignment is set by the instructor.

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