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Research Opportunities

Obtaining Psychology Research Experience

Students at UFV can get involved in research with the psychology department in several ways:

1. Apply for a Research Assistant (RA) position.

  • Look for paid Work Study RA positions on CareerLink. RA positions in the Psychology Department will typically be posted just before the start of each semester. You can begin checking for these positions on the CareerLink website several weeks before the semester begins.
  • Sometimes Psychology Faculty will have RA positions available (paid and volunteer) that are not posted through CareerLink. You can inquire about currently available positions in research areas that are of interest to you by contacting Faculty directly (links to Faculty bios below). Alternatively, you can check the PSYCH_RESOURCES: Psychology: Student Resources and Information Blackboard Course Shell for a list of current opportunities.

2. Apply for a Directed Study course.

  • Connect directly with Faculty about carrying out a research project as part of a Directed Study course. More information about Directed Studies can be found here.

3.Apply to the Honours Program.

  • Connect directly with Faculty who share your research interests about carrying out a potential Honours thesis. More information about the Honours program can be found here.

Research Faculty and Areas of Study

Faculty in the Psychology Department conduct research in the following areas of study. Click on Faculty names to view their full profiles and contact information.

Carey DeMichelis: Healthcare Decision-Making; Healthcare Ethics; Child Development; Moral Reasoning; Ethics of Childhood; Qualitative Methods

Zoë Francis: Self-Regulation & Beliefs; Self-regulation & Motivation; Lay Beliefs; Social cognition; Mental Fatigue

Shawn Geniole: Social Behaviour (e.g., Aggression, Competition, Cooperation); Social Perception; Hormones and Behaviour; Ecopsychology; Health-Related Behaviours

Andrea Hughes: Cognition; Memory; Distortions of Memory

Donna Tafreshi: Methodology; Statistics & Psychometrics; History of Psychology; Philosophy of Psychology; Language & Psychology; Linguistic & Epistemological Development

Madison Pesowski: Developmental Psychology; Cognitive Development; Social Cognition; Emotion Understanding; Ownership 


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