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Making a submission to Senate or SGC

Write a cover memo

The Chair of the standing committee, faculty council, or other area represented should write a memo addressed to the Chair of Senate (Joanne MacLean) or the Senate Governance Committee (Gerry Palmer).

In order to assist the Senate or SGC in making informed decisions, the memo should include the following:


  • State what the request or recommendation is.
  • Specify the committee or area that is making the request.
  • Provide any necessary background information, and include supporting documents.
  • Include, if applicable, an outline of the consultation that took place and with whom, along with a summary of consultation dates and comments.

Motion or recommendation

  • State the recommendation or write a formal motion if a decision is being requested.


  • Provide a rationale for why this item is being recommended to Senate or SGC for consideration.

Provide supporting documents

Documents that support your request must be included along with the memo. 

  • Send supporting documents in both Word and PDF formats.
  • Use track changes that visually outline what revisions are being proposed to policies, programs, and other items for Senate and SGC consideration.

Submit your request

  • Email your submission to
  • For meeting dates and submission deadlines, visit the Senate and Senate Governance Meeting Schedule web pages.

See also PDF version.

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