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VP Students' Newsletter

About the newsletter

Every Thursday, the Office of the Vice President, Students sends an e-newsletter to all registered students. The newsletter provides a concise and consolidated source of important dates, deadlines, upcoming events, opportunities, and information about services and supports available to students.

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Submit your news to the newsletter

If you would like to submit an item to the newsletter, please review the submission guidelines below. 

Submissions must be received by Wednesday at 12 pm to be included in that week's newsletter. If space permits and the content is still relevant, your submission may run in multiple issues.

Submission guidelines

In order to ensure the newsletter is relevant and of value to students, your content must meet the following guidelines:

  • Include all relevant details (e.g., headline, description, event date/deadline, weblink)
  • Be student-centric (think about what students need to know and want to know rather than what you want to tell students).
  • The content should be open to all/most students.
  • A high quality image file.

Submit your news

Important: The Office of the Vice President, Students reserves the right to exclude submissions determined to fall outside of the newsletter mandate, and the right to edit submissions. Failure to adhere to the guidelines above may result in the omission of your item from the newsletter.

Questions or concerns about the newsletter?

Please contact the Office of the Vice President, Students at

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