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Academic Integrity

Late withdrawal appeal

After the withdrawal deadline has passed, if you must withdraw from one or more courses in a given semester due to extenuating circumstances, you may appeal for a late withdrawal, under the Course Withdrawal policy (81). If you are requesting a late withdrawal from a certain course or courses but wish to remain registered in others, you must provide additional information, demonstrating why the extenuating circumstances affected your ability to complete courses differently. Appeals for late withdrawal are considered only after you have completed your documentation, provided detailed reasons, and included supporting documentation.

If you are successful in your appeal, a "W" grade is recorded on your transcript, which is not counted in your UFV grade point average. Appeals for late withdrawal do not include any refund of tuition.

If you are considering a late withdrawal, refer to the steps below.

Before submitting your appeal

Before submitting an appeal for late withdrawal, ensure you have done the following:


Consult your instructor

Have you considered an Incomplete Grade Contract? If you are experiencing difficulty completing a course due to extenuating circumstances, you may contact your instructor to explore the possibility of completing the course by agreeing to an Incomplete Grade Contract. Signing an Incomplete Grade Contract grants you a temporary grade of "I". This "I", incomplete grade, is assigned by an instructor when a student is unable, due to extenuating circumstances, to complete all the requirements of a course by the end of the semester and has made sufficient progress and achievement to warrant additional time for completion. Students who feel they qualify for an "I" grade should contact their instructor to discuss their eligibility and request an Incomplete Grade Contract be completed. Students given an "I" grade must complete the terms of the Contract no more than two months after the end of the course. Extensions must be approved by the appropriate dean, director, or department head.


Consider your circumstances

Are your circumstances extenuating? Extenuating circumstances are defined as a situation beyond your control that prevented you from completing a course. These are circumstances that are unexpected and/or uncontrollable and arise during the course of the semester. Examples include:

  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Car accident
  • Medical emergency
  • Incapacitating illness
  • Serious personal situation

The following does not qualify:

  • Inability to achieve a passing grade in the course
  • Unawareness of the withdrawal deadlines
  • Unfavorable weather conditions
  • A short-term illness
  • An unmanaged, pre-existing health condition

Have you completed the majority of the course? As stated in the Course Withdrawal policy (81), you are not eligible to appeal if you have written the final examination or equivalent final assignment, or have completed the majority of course work such that a final grade can be calculated. In this case, consult with your instructor (see Step 1).

Note: In some circumstances, if you have demonstrated you have substantially mastered the course learning objectives, but are unable to complete the final assignment(s) due to serious, documented extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible for an Aegrotat standing (compassionate pass), approved by the dean, and based on satisfactory term marks.



Check your financial situation

Are you on a government student loan? If you are seeking to withdraw from one or more courses, this could impact any government student loans or bursary funding you may have. It could also affect your eligibility for future scholarships and awards. Before submitting an appeal, contact Financial Aid and Awards to find out how a withdrawal will impact you. Also keep in mind that appeals for withdrawal do not include any refund of tuition.

Preparing your appeal

To complete your appeal, do the following:


Complete the appeal for late withdrawal form

Complete the Appeal for Late Withdrawal form.


Write a formal letter

Write a clear and concise letter, dated, and addressed to the Appeals Committee. Answer the following questions as they relate to your situation:

  • What were your extenuating circumstances and when did they occur?
  • Did you talk to your instructor regarding your situation and what was the result?
  • How did your circumstances prevent you from completing the course(s) and/or cause you to miss the withdrawal deadline?
  • If you are selecting to drop one course and not others, explain how your circumstances affected only the one course.

Attach supporting documentation

Attach supporting documentation, where appropriate. For example:

  • If your reasons are medical, have your physician complete the Medical Certificate form. If you were hospitalized, ensure the dates of your hospitalization are stated clearly.
  • If a death occurred, include a death certificate, obituary, or relevant link.
  • In case of car accident, include an ICBC report that states the date of occurrence.
  • Other types of documentation could include a flight itinerary, medical letter from attending physician, or a letter from a qualified counsellor.

Submitting your appeal

Submit all appeal documents via email (from a UFV email account) to, or in-person to the Office of the Registrar. Documents can also be mailed to the Office of the Registrar at the address in the footer below.

Note: Appeals must be submitted no later than four months after the end of the semester. If extenuating circumstances prevented you from requesting the late withdrawal within four months, a rationale for considering the request after the deadline is required. Unawareness of the ability to appeal for a late withdrawal does not qualify as a rationale. 

Receiving a response

If your appeal for late withdrawal is accepted, it is sent to the Appeals Committee for review. You should expect to receive a response within approximately 4 to 6 weeks of your request. The response will be emailed to your UFV student email account. 

The Appeals Committee carefully considers each appeal on its own merit, and as stated in the Course Withdrawal policy (81) their decision is final.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, or about the Course Withdrawal policy (81), you may contact the appeals assistant at