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Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Capital planning

Core capital planning principles

The two main principles shaping UFV’s Capital Plans are:

  1. the creation of an environment that is relevant to learning in the 21st Century, that engages students, builds community, and that meets the expectations of students choosing to study at UFV now and into the future, and
  1. to commit to energy and environmental sustainability in its broadest considerations as we aim to net-zero by 2030.

Campuses of the future: bringing life and lectures together

UFV’s capital investment plans ensure our campus spaces are relevant to the learning and the changing needs of our students. Today’s learners want their university experience to include spaces for social and creative interaction where they can exchange ideas and form long-lasting relationships.


In addition, technology plays a significant role in bringing life and lectures together and in the learning journey of students. Ever-changing media and technology have completely transformed the way today’s learners’ access, process and share information, and they expect a large amount of their academic work will be conducted via computing. As such UFV will continue to define and refine digital learning pedagogy for both students and lecturers and the digital capability is a critical component of campus development and will be embedded in all of UFV’s future capital projects.

Environmental sustainability

UFV is committed to modelling a more sustainable campus and being a leader in energy and environmental sustainability in our community. We are committed to the development of a healthier campus experience that supports the well-being of students, faculty, and staff. This commitment to sustainability frames our long-term capital plan as we reimagine spaces and adapt and modernize our spaces for 21st-century learning and the changing needs of learners. Adapting and modernizing our capital assets is a win-win: for our students and for the environment. Every capital project will throughout its entire lifecycle be considerate of energy and environmental sustainability and build on the development of resilient buildings updated to meet the changing climate impacts associated with global warming.

UFV’s university campuses will be transformed to be campuses of the future, bringing life and lectures together in a sustainable way. As existing buildings are adapted for today’s learning, they will be renovated and renewed (inside and out) using the newest standards for energy management and code compliance, improving on their resiliency, and contributing to decreased energy use and operating costs. Better utilizing our capital footprint and upgrading our spaces to meet the improved building energy standards reduces the impact UFV has on its environment and establishes the university as a leader in environmental sustainability in the community and beyond.

Project approval and planning process

Every capital project goes through a careful review and planning process, supported by the Project Office.

See the project review process

"Everything we do here at UFV should be focused on the student.

Everything that we touch, feel, or smell — our whole physical environment — has an impact on our physical well-being. So, if we want students, staff, and faculty to be in an environment that inspires them, then that’s where you need to translate your focused attention.”

  • – Mark Goudsblom
  •    Associate Vice President, Campus Planning and Facilities Management

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