SUMMER 2017 RENOVATIONS click here

For information on how the scheduled renovations will impact parking on the Abbotsford campus, please visit the parking website regarding event information.

A map showing which parking lots will be affective can be downloaded via Contractor Parking 2017.

Effective learning and working spaces are essential to UFV’s pursuit of educational excellence.  Because of UFV’s desire to create positive learning environments, the Project Office has the coveted role to work closely with many departments to make concepts become reality.  For a list of current projects, go here.

The Project Office is responsible for space planning, design, project management, and moves for all renovations and new Capital projects.  They work closely with the Facilities team, ITS, ETS, Purchasing, Logistics, Finance, and Campus Planning to succeed in bringing projects (small and large) to a successful completion.

Renovation and space requests may be initiated by a Department Head or Director, and must be approved by the respective Dean or Vice-President, prior to being submitted to Campus Planning for review and prioritization.

Funding sources are sought for eligible projects.  The approved projects go to the Project Office where plans are discussed, refined, and approved by the end user prior to being tendered, and construction managed.

Concepts for larger capital projects are developed at the administrative level in alignment with UFV’s strategic plan and goals.  The Project Office supports all phases of planning, and takes an active role in representing UFV’s interests during scope development and project execution.

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