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Project office

Approval timeline

How capital projects get approved

Sept 1 to March 31
Capital project submission portal is open

  • UFV departments submit their proposals to the Campus Planning Working Group (CPWG)
  • Project Office checks the proposal for completeness and to see if a business case will need to be developed
  • Campus Planning helps the department create a business case if necessary
  • The VP-Admin & VP-Academic review the proposal

April 1 to Aug 31
Full project proposals are developed

  • CPWG evaluates & ranks project proposals received
  • Project Office develops full proposals (scope, feasibility, cost, timeline)

Sept 1 to Oct 31
Final evaluations by CPWG

  • CPWG submits ranked list of recommended projects to CFO/VP Admin

Nov 1 to March 31
Financial review & approval

  • Consolidated capital plan and budget is created
  • Senior budget committee & Board approve the capital plan and budget
  • Project is approved