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Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Space planning

Campus space is recognized as a critical and limited university resource to be used efficiently and effectively for the highest and best use for the university. The Campus Planning and Project Office teams work closely with the university community to develop and modify a physical environment that supports student success and enables faculty and staff to provide the best in education.

UFV Space planning and renovation principles

The following principles, developed by the Campus Planning Advisory Committee, will guide space planning and allocation.

Principle A: Learner perspective first

Campus space planning and allocation places a high value on the needs of the learners and those who support them. It is recognized that there are diverse and evolving ways to deliver educational and learner support services. Thus, we expect to see innovative proposals informed by the scholarship of teaching and learning or by effective pedagogical practices.

Principle B: Program integrity

Planning will prioritize academic programs and/or service quality and requirements.

Principle C: Flexibility

UFV’s campuses will reflect the ability to adapt to multiple uses, reconfigure spaces, and respond to changing program and service needs.

Principle D: Sustainability

UFV’s campuses will reflect the ability to adapt to multiple uses, reconfigure spaces, and respond to changing program and service needs.

Principle E: Community Building and Engagement

Space planning and allocation will facilitate interactions between external communities and UFV, and among communities within UFV, providing opportunities for collaboration and engagement.

Principle F: Equity, diversity, and inclusion

UFV campuses will reflect the value of inclusion and diversity, including the principle of designing “with” rather than simply “for”.

Principle G: Accessibility

Space planning will facilitate access for all. Space will prioritize and reflect learner accessibility and the principles of universal design.


Indigenizing the academy means to make the academy both responsive and responsible to the Indigenous peoples’ goals of self-determination and well-being. For more information, see UFV's Strategic Indigenization plan.

Project approval and planning process

Every project involving campus space goes through a careful review and planning process, supported by the Project Office.

See the project review process


University policies

Space Management (UFV policy #220 - Administration and Operations)

Use of University Space (UFV policy #132 - Administration and Operations)

CPAC Terms of Reference (Campus Planning Advisory Committee)

"Everything we do here at UFV should be focused on the student.

Everything that we touch, feel, or smell — our whole physical environment — has an impact on our physical well-being. So, if we want students, staff, and faculty to be in an environment that inspires them, then that’s where you need to translate your focused attention.”

  • – Mark Goudsblom
  •    Associate Vice President, Campus Planning and Facilities Management

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