Campus Card

Lost / Replacement Cards

You are responsible for all transactions until the card is reported lost or stolen.

Notify the Campus Card office immediately by calling 1.888.504.7441 ext. 4176 or email us at Once notified, the card office will freeze any Cascade Cash and or meal plan accounts. Balances will be transferred to your replacement card. 

When a Campus Card is returned to the card office, an email is sent to the student or employee's UFV email. Card holders are advised where their card can be picked up. Unclaimed cards will be destroyed after a two week holding period. You can also contact Lost and Found or call Security at 1.855.239.7654.

Make sure to check inside textbooks, backpacks, pockets, couches and your car.

Replacement campus cards

Still can't find your card? Replacement cards are available from the Campus Card office. A $10 replacement fee applies (prices are subject to change). Replacement cards are issued, in-person, to the cardholder only.

Lost or stolen residence cards

  • Notify Residence Services at 604.557.4063 to deactivate door access
  • Contact the card office immediately to freeze your accounts
  • You are responsible for all transactions on the card until it is reported lost or stolen

Expired Cards

Check the expiry date on the front of your card. Make sure you are enrolled and accepted in at least one course in the current semester. Bring your expired card along with a valid government issued photo ID. No fees apply to replace an expired card. Remaining balances on your expired card will be transferred onto your new card.

Damaged Cards

If your card is damaged due to card holder handling, a $10 card replacement fee applies (prices are subject to change).

Defective Cards

Any defective card will be replaced free of charge.

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