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Rashad Mammadov

Dr. Rashad Mammadov

Director / Associate Professor

School of Communication

Abbotsford campus, D3112

Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 4177

email Rashad


Dr. Rashad Mammadov is a dedicated communication and journalism expert with over 20 years of professional experience and 18 years of combined experience in higher education institutions. He teaches both skill-oriented and theory/methodology courses in the areas of professional communication, communication art and design, mass communication, visual/digital communication, global media, and political communication. As a prominent researcher with a track record of top-tier publications and strong conference participation, he has the ability to work on a variety of research topics in the fields of communications, media studies, and journalism. His other research interests include government-media relationships, the implementation of mass communication theories in the media systems of non-western democracies, and media realities under different political systems.

Before joining UFV Communications Department in 2019, Dr. Mammadov held management positions in media organizations and higher education for nearly 20 years.


PhD in Mass Communications, Indiana University, USA

MA in Communications, Indiana University, USA

MA in Journalism, Baku State University, Azerbaijan



Mammadov, R. (2022). Vision of Eurovision: Visual Language in Profiling of Azerbaijan and Sweden in the Context of Eurocentric Cultural Bias. Social Semiotics. [In print]


Johnson, O., & Mammadov, R. (2022). Russian Journalists and the Great Patriotic War. Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 35(2). [In print]


Mammadov, R. (2022). Media choice in the times of uncertainty: Media Richness Theory as a predictor of media choice in Greece in the times of political and economic crisis. Advances in Journalism and Communication, 10(2).


Mammadov, R. (2021). Portrait of an Azerbaijani journalist: Unpaid, dissatisfied, but nevertheless passionate and committed. Caucasus Survey9(1), 60-83.


Mammadov, R. (2020). Political activist, citizen’s helper, and entertainer: A study of professional role perception of journalists in Azerbaijan. Journalism Practice15(7), 911-936.


Mammadov, R. (2020). News media commercialization in Chindia: Changing theoretical perceptions. Global Media and Communication16(3), 329-350.


Willnat, L., Verghese, R., & Mammadov, R. (2017). Symbols, Slogans and Charisma: Political Posters in India's 2014 National Election. In C. Holtz-Bacha & B. Johansson (Eds.), Election Posters Around the Globe: Political Campaigning in the Public Space (pp. 187-210). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.


Mammadov, R. (2016). “The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!”: Image of the United States as the Primary Enemy on the Pages of Krokodil from Stalin to Khrushchev. Visual Communication Quarterly, 23(1), 39-52.



Mammadov, R. 30 Years in Transformation: The Evolutionary Path of Journalism in Post-Soviet Republics, Brill Publishers. [Manuscript in preparation]


Mammadov, R. Safety and financial Independence as determinants of the level of government criticism across Eastern European media systems: A comparative survey study. [Manuscript in preparation]


Mammadov, R. Political Bias or “Rally-round-the-flag”? Role of Mobilization as Motivational Influence on Russian Oppositional versus State Media in Light of International Crisis. [Manuscript in preparation]


Mammadov, R. Professionalization of Citizen Journalists as New Media Reality in Controlled Societies. [Data collection]

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