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Criminology & Criminal Justice

Upcoming courses

Course Offerings for the 2024 - 2025 Academic Year

Although we do our best to plan our course offerings there are instances where a course may be changed or cancelled. Please refer to the official timetable when planning your semester.

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2024

Winter 2025

Summer 2025

100-Level Courses  
CRIM 100 - Introduction to Criminology
CRIM 103 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
CRIM 104 - Sociological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour
CRIM 105 - Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour
CRIM 135 - Introduction to the Canadian Law and Legal Institutions
200-Level Courses  
CRIM 210 - Youth Crime and the Youth Justice System in Canada X X
CRIM 211 - Indigenous Peoples, Crime and Criminal Justice X
CRIM 212 - Women, Crime and Criminal Justice
CRIM 214G - Family Violence (Special Topics Course) X
CRIM 214J - Technology and Crime(Special Topics Course) X X
CRIM 214K - Introduction to Crime and intelligence Analysis(Special Topics Course) X X
CRIM 215 - Theory and Practice of Restorative Justice  X X
CRIM 216 - Psychopathy and the Criminal Justice System X X X
CRIM 220 - Research Methods in Criminology X
CRIM 230 - Criminal Law
CRIM 250 - Customs and Immigration Law X X
CRIM 251 - Law Enforcement in Canada
CRIM 252 - Corrections in Canada X X
CRIM 265 - Problem Management Skills for Criminal Justice Interventions X
CRIM 281 - Practicum I X
300-Level Courses
CRIM 310 - Advanced Theoretical Perspectives X
CRIM 311 - Diversity, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada X
CRIM 320 - Quantitative Research Techniques X
CRIM 321 - Qualitative Research Methods X
CRIM 330 - Criminal Procedure and Evidence
CRIM 335 - Justice and Human Rights X X
CRIM 339 - Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice X X
400-Level Courses  
CRIM 400 - Terrorism X X
CRIM 410O - Hate Crimes (Special Topics Course) X X
CRIM 410P - Crime and Intelligence Analysis (Special Topics Course) X X X
CRIM 410Q - Current Trends and Challenges in Policing (Special Topics Course) X X
CRIM 410R - Illicit Network Analysis(Special Topics Course) X X
CRIM 412 - Organized Crime X
CRIM 414 - Intervention Techniques in Corrections X X
CRIM 416 - Media, Crime, and Criminal Justice X X
CRIM 418 - Techniques of Crime Prevention X
CRIM 419 - Victimology
CRIM 450 - Social Policy Analysis X
CRIM 479 - Professional Practice X
CRIM 480 - Practicum II X

If you haven't found the course you were searching for or if you have any questions related to your academic planning, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.