Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice) degree

The UFV Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice) degree is a four-year, 124-credit program which is the next logical step for students who have earned a Criminal Justice diploma at UFV or elsewhere.

The first two years of the program prepare you for front-line jobs. In the last two years, you earn a Bachelor of Arts and the research skills, knowledge base, and analytical ability necessary for graduate studies or advanced career opportunities in the criminal justice field.

This program may be of special interest if you already work in the criminal justice field and are seeking supervisory positions or new career opportunities in the areas of criminal investigation, national security, evaluation research, crime prevention, offender case management (including probation and parole), and criminal law.

Criminal Justice Honours for Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice) degree students

The Criminal Justice Honours option allows you to complete an honours research project that you develop in consultation with a faculty supervisor. This project demonstrates your skill and knowledge in a given area of criminology and criminal justice. This credential can give you an edge when applying to competitive graduate schools or can help you fast-track your career.

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Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice) degree with minor or extended minor in another discipline

You can combine your BA in Criminal Justice with a minor or extended minor in another discipline (e.g., Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography, English). To do so, you have to complete all the requirements of the BA in Criminal Justice and all the discipline requirements of the minor or extended minor. If you are interested in pursuing this option, contact the Arts Advice Centre to discuss your program plan.

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