Criminal Justice diploma

The UFV Criminal Justice diploma is a two-year, 64-credit program designed to prepare you for a front-line, entry-level job in the criminal justice field.

The program consists of a combination of theoretical and skill development courses, and is perfect if you wish to pursue a career such as police officer, correctional officer, youth worker, immigration officer, bylaw enforcement officer, customs inspector, community service order officer, and sheriff’s officer.

Upon completion, you can also choose to ladder directly into the third year of the Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice) program.

BCIT Forensic Investigation Transfer option for Criminal Justice diploma students

This option of the Criminal Justice diploma is designed primarily for students who wish to transfer directly into the third year of the Bachelor of Technology in Forensic Investigation at BCIT, following completion of their UFV diploma.

Students taking this option must choose one of three paths (i.e., Economic Crime Studies, Forensic Science Studies, or Computer Crime Studies), each of which provides the prerequisites for a path of study at the upper-level with the BCIT Bachelor of Technology in Forensic Investigation transfer option.

Students considering this option are reminded that they can also enter directly into the third year of the Bachelor Technology in Forensic Investigation with either an Associate of Science degree or Computing Information Systems diploma from UFV. Students interested in this transfer option can obtain details from the department.

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