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Financial Aid and Awards

Monague Native Crafts Ltd. Endowment Scholarship

AMOUNT: Varies (value of the award will fluctuate each year based on the endowment amount)

AVAILABLE TO: Level 1 - First consideration to First Nations students in Business Administration programs.

Level 2 - First Nations students in:

  • Computer Information Systems diploma or degree (this program has a strong business orientation)

  • Communications

  • Fashion Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Visual Arts

  • Library and Information Technology

Level 3 - If there are no suitable applicants meeting level 1 and 2, First Nations students in any other Bachelor's degree program.

HOW TO APPLY: Application forms for this scholarship is available on-line at MyUFV. Log into MyUFV, click on Student Information, then the tab for Financial Aid.


  • Student must have an above-average academic record

  • Preference will be given to applicants entering the final year of their program

  • Applications should include a statement of recent academic standing and a letter of reference with a specific mention of the applicants interest and/or involvement in some form of entrepreneurial activity

  • Applications should also include a brief statement from the applicant setting out his/her goals.



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