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Faculty of Health Sciences

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Offering instruction in nursing, health sciences, social sciences, and research, the BSN program is designed to prepare you to become an effective and professional nurse in an evolving health care environment. 

Practical Nursing Diploma

UFV’s 19-month Practical Nursing program prepares you to work as a licensed practical nurse, providing routine care, observing patients’ health, assisting medical practitioners and registered nurses, and communicating instructions for home care and medications to patients 

Health Care Assistant

UFV's 24-week Health Care Assistant certificate program gives you the skills to provide front-line personal care for adult patients with diverse, and sometimes complex, health needs.  

Certified Dental Assistant

UFV's 10-month Certified Dental Assistant certificate program equips you to work alongside a dentist during procedures and surgeries. You’ll also be trained to perform independent duties such as placing dental dams, taking dental x-rays and teeth impressions, and providing preventive care to clients, including polishing teeth and applying sealants. 

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