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Access to Information and Protection of Privacy

Request non-personal information

To make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for non-personal information, refer to the following steps:

Submitting your request


Complete and submit form

Complete a Request for Access to Information form‌ and submit the form to UFV’s Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (AIPP) office. 

The AIPP office assigns your request a file number, sets the initial deadline, calculating thirty full business days from the day the request is received. 


Wait for acknowledgement letter

Wait to receive an acknowlegement letter from the AIPP office.


Send additional information

The AIPP office may request clarification and/or additional information, during which time the file is placed on hold. If you do not provide the information within 10 business days, the request is considered abandoned.

Making payment

The AIPP office sends a Retrieval of Records email to the various unit(s) identified to provide estimates of how long it will take to locate, compile, and organize the requested records and how many pages they anticipate the records will comprise.


Receive estimate

Wait to receive an email with the aggregate fee estimate from the AIPP office. Your file is placed on hold until payment is received.

Note: The FIPPA Act exempts from any recovery fee the first three hours spent during a record search. Consequently, if the total aggregate is three hours or less, no fee is involved.


Pay fee

Make the payment. Upon receiving your payment of the fee estimate, the AIPP office sends a Retrieval of Records out to the various unit(s) identified to search, prepare, and send the requested records to the AIPP office.

Receiving a response

The FOIPOP office reviews the records they received from the various units, and determines if any third party notification letters have to be sent out and if any information should be redacted (blacked out) from the records or withheld in their entirety in accordance with FIPPA. Once all records have been reviewed, the material is prepared for release.


Wait for a response letter

Wait to receive a response letter from the AIPP office, along with copies of any releasable records.



After receiving a response letter, you have 30 days in which to request a review of UFV’s decisions by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

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