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Modern Languages Institute

Modern Languages Institute

Welcome to MOLA!

The instructors of UFV’s Modern Languages Institute would like to welcome all Students of Modern Languages to our progammes of study in eight languages.

We understand that most students will be feeling anxious and uncertain to return to classes this fall because of the change to online learning. Our message to you is ‘Keep calm; we’ve got your back’.

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Study languages for global success

Success in international trade and cooperation between nations and people groups, depends upon our ability to communicate and understand one another. The key to this is learning other languages.

As international trade continues to grow, so does the demand for multi-lingual Canadians. And, as people travel, they realize the value of communicating in another language. The benefits of studying languages includes enhanced opportunities for employment, improved cultural understanding, and increased opportunities in business.

UFV's language studies department offers a French major, minor, extended minor, a Spanish minor, as well as intermediate and advanced language proficiency certificates in French, Halq'eméylem, Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, German, and Spanish.


Check out the video of Raymond Kobes, UFV BA graduate with a major in French and a minor in Business, as he describes his experience of being the Minister of Multiculturalism, Official Languages and La Francophonie in Victoria, BC for a weekend.



One of the strengths of UFV’s language programs is in the breadth of its offerings and the different options available to students. 

  • French
  • German
  • Halq'eméylem
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Punjabi
  • Russian
  • Spanish

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Small class sizes at UFV ensure that you engage in conversation with instructors and seminar assistants who are native speakers. An emphasis on conversation helps you to develop strong communication skills, enhancing comprehension and speeding up language acquisition.

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