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Modern Languages Institute

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French — Bachelor of Arts

UFV's Bachelor of Arts with a major, minor, or extended minor in French teaches you to converse fluently and write powerfully in French. Small class sizes, native-speaking professors, and opportunities to work or study across Canada or abroad help you master the language fully, while also exposing you to the francophone world and its varied cultures.  Boost your fluency in written and spoken French and open up career opportunities in government, public administration, business, education, translation, and more. 

Spanish — Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Integrated Studies

Gain the language, cultural skills, and intercultural competence needed to interact within diverse social and cultural contexts in the Spanish-speaking world. Designed to be international and interdisciplinary, the program features courses from Latin American Studies, Global Development Studies, and other programs where Spanish is a valuable skill. You will be offered opportunities for experiential learning through study abroad, and practicum courses that allow students to gain international experience and become global citizens. The minor can be taken as part of any bachelor degree.

Language Proficiency certificates

Learn a new language to enrich your life, communicate across cultures, and gain an edge in today's global marketplace. UFV offer's Intermediate Proficiency Associate certificates in French, German, Halq'eméylem, Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish, and Advanced Proficiency certificates in French, Halq'eméylem, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, as well as a Graduate certificate in Halq'eméylem.

Halq’eméylem  Graduate diploma

Develop advanced knowledge and skills in the revival, acquisition, and use of the endangered Halq’eméylem language. Improve your fluency while learning advanced research techniques for language restoration and acquisition, and developing skills and strategies for reviving the use of the language in society, including increased knowledge of the Stó:lō worldview.

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