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UFV's Bachelor of Arts program offers a French major, minor, or extended minor, allowing you to enhance your written and spoken fluency in French and expand your career possibilities. Enjoy small class sizes, native-speaking professors, and immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of the francophone world.

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Gain language skills and intercultural competence to engage in diverse Spanish-speaking contexts. Pursue the Spanish program as a major or minor in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree, with study abroad and practicum opportunities for international experience.

Spanish - Bachelor of Arts/or Integrated Studies

Immerse yourself in a new language to enhance your cross-cultural communication, and gain a competitive advantage in the global workplace. Explore Intermediate Proficiency Associate Certificates in French, German, Halq'eméylem, Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish, as well as Advanced Proficiency certificates in French, Halq'eméylem, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

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Halq’emeylem language programs

Acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the Halq’eméylem language. Enhance fluency, research techniques, and strategies for language revival while gaining a deeper understanding of the Stó:lō worldview.

Learn more about the Halq’emeylem Graduate Diploma

The graduate certificate will prepare students who want to improve their fluency and proficiency in the Halq’eméylem language, contribute to the language revitalization, transmit knowledge and culture through the Halq’eméylem language, and increase opportunities to share the Halq’eméylem language.

Learn more about the Halq’emeylem Graduate Certificate

An Intermediate Proficiency associate certificate consists of the successful completion of 12 UFV credits (i.e. two years) in the traditional language of the Stó:lō people.

Learn more about the Halq’emeylem intermediate proficiency certificate


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"In my first year I realized that my passion was with French and it was something that was super enjoyable. I wasn't fluent to begin so it was a lot of work and effort but at the same time it was very rewarding. It opened my eyes to a new culture and a new way of life.

  • – Raymond Kobes
  •    Bachelor of Arts, French major and Business minor
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