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Modern Languages

French — Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor's degree

4 years

Major, Minor, Extended minor

How to apply

Start date:
January, May, September 

Abbotsford campus



  • Co-op semester(s) provide paid work experience in your field of study
  • Spend a semester studying in Québec as part of the UFV and Université Laval exchange program.
  • Interacting with instructors and seminar assistants who are French native speakers help speed up language acquisition.


UFV's Bachelor of Arts with a major, minor, or extended minor in French teaches you to converse fluently and write powerfully in French. Small class sizes, native-speaking professors, and opportunities to work or study across Canada or abroad help you master the language fully, while also exposing you to the francophone world and its varied cultures.

UFV's French program focuses on developing communication in areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening and interacting. 

French major

UFV's Bachelor of Arts with a major in French prepares you to speak fluently in French, advancing your level of French writing, reading, and listening skills. In your first two years, you study intermediate French topics in composition, language and culture, oral communication, and media.

In your third and four years, you delve deeper into the topics of French composition, oral communication, translation, linguistics, and literature. An optional immersion course at the fourth-year level is offered in conjunction with a student exchange program between UFV's French program and Université Laval. There are other opportunities to work or study in Canada and internationally. 

The UFV French major requires 21 credits from lower-level courses and 32 credits of upper-level courses. Learn more about program requirements in the UFV Academic Calendar

French extended minor

UFV offers an extended minor in French — an asset if you are interested in pursing a career in teaching. The extended minor involves two more second-year courses than the minor in French. 

The UFV French extended minor requires 18 lower-level credits and 20 upper-level credits. For more information about program requirements for the extended minor, visit the UFV Academic Calendar

French minor

When you complete UFV's minor in French, you gain advanced proficiency in both oral and written French. At the lower level, you learn to speak French correctly, and build upon this knowledge in upper level classes to achieve a higher degree of fluency. Additionally, you think critically, write correctly, and further develop oral competency. 

The UFV minor in French requires 12 lower-level credits and 20 upper-level credits. For more information about course requirements for the extended minor, visit the UFV Academic Calendar


Specializing in French can lead to a career in government or public administration, where bilingual speakers are highly prized, both at the national and international levels. In fact, just like English, French is an official working language of the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, World Trade Organization, the International Red Cross and more.

French studies can also open opportunities to become a qualified French teacher in the BC school system or a translator or interpreter for one of more than 800 translation service agencies operating in Canada.

Moreover, growing international trade is bolstering demand for bilingual professionals in business and science. In fact, France is one of Canada’s largest trading partners and a valuable collaborator in the development of modern telecommunications and high technology.


The entrance requirements of the Bachelor of Arts degree will apply to the French major, minor and extended minor.

View the Bachelor of Arts entrance requirements in the UFV Academic Calendar.


This program is open for international students


Students who do not meet the entrance requirements can upgrade in order to meet prerequisites for university classes.

Make an appointment with a Upgrading and University Preparation advisor to discuss your upgrading needs.


"In my first year I realized that my passion was with French and it was something that was super enjoyable. I wasn't fluent to begin so it was a lot of work and effort but at the same time it was very rewarding. It opened my eyes to a new culture and a new way of life.

  • – Raymond Kobes
  •    Bachelor of Arts, French major and Business minor
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