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Devised Theatre Showcase

Devised Theatre Showcase 2023

April 2023

The Devised Theatre Showcase is the final project presented by UFV Theatre’s fourth-year Devised Theatre class and is a chance for students to apply everything they have learned in the course. Audiences can expect a brand-new production devised by students, with performances on April 27 and 28, 2023.

This year’s production, Sound of Mind, is a devised showcase with a series of vignettes about our struggles with communication. Students examine the mental, physical, and emotional obstacles surrounding communication, and how some of these communication differences may affect people's abilities to fit into a 'typical world'.

Presented by Sarah Byers, Brooklyn Doornbos, Jenn Romano, Doris Huang, and Sara Oliva Morales. THEA 452 Devised Theatre is taught by UFV associate professor Parjad Sharifi, with support from wardrobe manager Heather Robertson, technical director Jared Raschke, and production manager Giuseppe Condello.

Performances with post-show talkbacks:

Opening Thursday, April 27 at 7:00 pm

Bookings for April 27 can be made through Eventbrite

Please be advised that early reservations via Eventbrite are encouraged as seating will be extremely limited. Ticket registration ends 2 hours before the performance start times.

Friday, April 28, at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Performances will be presented as part of Interpret, a Creative and Performing Arts Festival. These performances do not require bookings through Eventbrite; however, seating will be first come, first serve.

All performances will be held in the Performance Studio, Building D, 105, Abbotsford Campus, University of the Fraser Valley, 33844 King Road.

Please email theatre@ufv.ca for more information.

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For more information about UFV Theatre productions go to https://www.ufv.ca/plays/

Cast & Crew

Sterling Kai Pollock

Sterling is assisting as Sound Operator for the Devised Showcase during this spring's Interpret festival. He is focusing on the hard work that the devised class has put together and is glad to return to his original role and roots. Sterling is re-educating himself in all the tools and work involved in Qlab.

Sarah Byers

Sarah Byers is a fourth-year student and one of the collaborators for the devised production of Sound of Mind. As an actor, designer, writer and more, Sarah has enjoyed the devised process of creating this play from scratch.

From previous experience, Sarah has been honing her skills on characterization, adapting, stagecraft, and finding new ways to tell stories. She has also partaken in various UFV productions, including cast for the 2021 presentation Climate Change Theatre Action, and as head of props for the 2022 showcase Pericles. As a History major with a Theatre extended minor, Sarah aims to use these experiences towards becoming a teacher.

Sarah hopes that audiences would be inspired by this production’s raw honesty. Each vignette is very personal, and she wants people to see a little bit of themselves in it and know that they are valuable and not alone in their struggles.

Sara Oliva Morales

Sara describes her role in the devised project as devisor/collaborator. This was her first devising class and she enjoyed getting to know fellow devisors through the pieces created in this project. Sara is set to finish her studies in December and wishes all the best to future theatre students!

Lisa Patetta

Lisa is the Stage Manager for the Devised Showcase during this spring's Interpret Festival. She has worked in the costumes department several times and this is her second time as Stage Manager after last season’s Ghosting of Sumas Lake. She hopes to get into the entertainment industry after graduation.

Jennifer Romano

Jennifer is a busy mom to three wonderful kids, who also works in special education, and is attending UFV to further her career.  She began her love of performing at the age of six through the discovery of dance and has since taught for many years, performed in various shows, and choreographed local musicals such as, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Beauty and the Beast, The Secret Garden, and Mary Poppins. For Sound of Mind, Jennifer has taken on various roles including writer, editor, actor, and has found that her talents lie in physical movement.  She hopes to be able to incorporate theatre and dance with her passion for special education in the future.  Sound of Mind has been an incredible learning experience, not only of the devising process, but also has enhanced her journey to understand, empathize, and have patience with the multitude of communication differences that make up humanity!

Doris Huang

Doris is a third year BA student majoring in Theatre. This is her first time working on a devised piece. She has experience as an actor and working backstage from previous semesters. She is passionate about dancing and enjoys collaborating with others. She hopes this play can bring inspiration to people.

Artyom Urdabayev

Artyom (Arty) is a Lighting and Projections Designer and Operator for this year’s Devised Theatre Showcase. Previously he designed lights and projections for UFV’s Ghosting of the Sumas Lake and was a lighting operator for the Pericles and 2022 Theatre Showcase plays. This production is going to be his last production at UFV and he is really happy to be a part of it and help with everything he can.

Brooklyn Doornbos

Brooklyn is a fourth year Theatre and Psychology student at UFV. She works as a lifeguard and is an aspiring elementary school teacher. This is Brooklyn’s first production on stage and she has enjoyed learning how to have a stage presence and work through the anxiety that comes with performing. Though she does not have any acting experience, she was on the production crew for Climate Change Theatre Action, leading the hair and makeup team and assisting in costumes. Brooklyn’s wish for this production is that it would encourage audiences. She believes that communication is an ongoing skill that takes many years of practice and that audience members would leave feeling encouraged to seek connection.   

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