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Theatre facilities

UFV Theatre has moved to Abbotsford. No rentals are available at this time.

Check our website regularly for updates or request


Rent costumes or props

If you are a student or a member of a legitimate community group, you may be able to rent props or costumes from UFV Theatre.

All requests will be considered, but please note that there may be times during the UFV Season of Theatre when the department is too busy to process rentals, especially in the 2-3 weeks prior to a show opening. We are happy to help, but the more advance notice you can give us, the better. In your request, please provide as much specific detail as possible about the items you would like to rent. Rental costs vary, depending on the amount of items requested and the staff time required to facilitate the request, but are normally between $50 and $100. Costume items must be dry cleaned before they are returned.

For information regarding theatre space or props/set / costume rentals please email