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Political Science

Program Learning Outcomes

Apply Knowledge of the Discipline

Describe the major concepts; theoretical perspectives and approaches; and historical and contemporary debates in the discipline of political science and its subfields: Political Theory, Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics, Public Policy, and International Relations.   

Conduct Research

Apply both quantitative and qualitative research methods in the discipline of political science to design, conduct, analyze, and write research reports and essays. 

Analyze Information

Demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills in identifying, defining, and analyzing political problems and providing solutions.  

Defend their Principles

Act upon the principles of diversity and inclusion, indigenization, and gender equality in their studies and future careers.  

Communicate Effectively

Both in writing and the spoken word, including listening and comprehending complex arguments and articulating their views while offering innovative solutions to societal problems.  

Engage the World

Engage with different intellectual philosophies, traditions, cultural values, and beliefs that underpin the political behavior of diverse societies and organizations in the world.