Political Science Programs

Major, minor, and extended minor in political science

A degree in political science is excellent preparation for a career in government or with an international organization, like the United Nations. Opportunities also exist with non-profit groups, like Amnesty International or local food banks. You may also find work in the private sector, particularly with larger companies that have government relations departments. Many journalists have a background in political science as well. Finally, a degree in political science is an excellent stepping stone to law school or a professional graduate program, like a Masters degree in public administration or public policy.

Applied ethical and political philosophy minor

Students in the Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy (AEPP) minor will develop their capacities for creative and critical thinking. They will acquire an understanding of the social and political institutions that govern our communities, our country, and the whole world. And they will increase their sensitivity to the ethical and political dimensions of our lives as individuals, as members of families, communities, interest groups, professions and nations, and as citizens of the world.

New Course for Winter 2018 

IDS 400F: Civic Engagement and Participation

Wednesday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm 

This course explores the issues and challenges in motivating public participation in local governance. Students will research and analyze the issue and potential strategies, including through primary research with stakeholders and citizens to provide meaningful solutions to this ongoing problem.



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