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Fund for Innovative Teaching (FIT) Criteria

  1. Innovation: The proposal facilitates forms and methods of teaching and learning that will supplement or be realized outside the usual discipline-based classroom, hybrid, or online environment.

  2. Educational Impact: The proposal significantly strengthens or modifies existing programs or courses, and/or creates new kinds of courses or learning experiences;

    • Experiential - e.g., internships, practicum, field placements, inquiry based, etc.
    • Multi-disciplinary - e.g., trans-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, team taught, promoting learning communities, etc.
    • Place-based - e.g., settings of local heritage, culture, landscape, economic or social activity, etc.
    • Technological enhancement - e.g., classroom-based technology, new learning technologies, mobile learning, virtual classrooms, etc.
    • Programmatic - e.g., streamlined program paths, interchangeable prerequisites, first year seminars and experiences, capstones courses and projects, undergraduate research, etc.
    • Diversity and global learning - e.g., international, inter-university, Indigenous, universal design, access to learning, etc.

  3. Scholarly Impact: The proposal is supported by or informs the scholarship of teaching and learning or the research on learning and pedagogy.

  4. Linkages: The proposal creates innovative linkages and collaborations among or between faculty; departments or schools within a faculty; or departments or schools in two or more faculties.

  5. Partnerships: The proposal enables collaborations and relationship building between UFV faculty and/or students and non-university partners in the region or communities served by UFV (e.g., business, non-profit, governmental, etc.)

  6. Strategic Priorities: The proposal aligns with one or more of the existing university strategic plans, such as the Education Plan, the Strategic Research Plan, the Strategic Enrolment Management Plan, Vision 2025 and/or the Institutional Learning Outcomes.

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