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Social, Cultural and Media Studies

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Sociology — Bachelor of Arts

Gain a framework to understand societal structures and evaluate global social challenges including inequality, poverty, sexism, racism, violence, and climate change.

Anthropology — Bachelor of Arts

Develop an appreciation for other ways of life and examine your own with a UFV Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology. Alternatively, investigate the lore and logic of other cultures and gain a framework for looking critically at your own through an Anthropology minor or extended minor.

Latin American Studies — Bachelor of Arts

Your UFV Latin American Studies minor or extended minor introduces you the dynamics of this significant economic zone and offers insight into the diversity, drama, and beauty of the region.

Media & Communications — Bachelor of Arts
Media & Communications -- Associate of Arts Degree (Media & Communications Studies option)

UFV’s Media and Communication Studies (MACS) program examines the diffusion of information, current technological changes, the methods we use to communicate, and the media’s role in our everyday lives.

Certificate programs

Diaspora certificate

Study of the migration and resettlement of people across national borders in response to historical, political, and social forces.

Media Literacy associate certificate

Media literacy is an essential skill for employment and citizenship in Canada. Learn to ask the right questions about the media you consume.

India-Canada Studies certificate

Discover the rich social, cultural, and political heritage and contribution of the Indian community in Canada.

Essentials of Journalism associate certificate

Learn how to gather, interpret, and present information using journalism-inspired knowledge.

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