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Social, Cultural and Media Studies

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Winter 2022

SOC 101: Introductory Sociology
SOC 201: Key Ideas in Sociology
SOC 210: Social Problems of Canadian Society
SOC 230: Sociology of Women in Canada
SOC 245: Deviant Behaviour

SOC 250: Sociology of Development - The Global South

SOC 255: Introduction to Social Research

SOC 270: Dynamics of Racism in Canada

SOC 280: Health and Illness

SOC 299P: Special Topics in Sociology I: Alcohol and Culture
This course provides students the opportunity to critically assess the role of alcohol in culture and it's symbolic significance as it relates to issues of identity and self-presentation, socialization and initiation rituals, sexual scripts, social control and prohibition, deviance/stigma, spirituality/religion and cultural practices.

SOC 331: Sociology of Families
SOC 335: Gender Relations and Social Issues
SOC 346: Environmental Justice
SOC 350: Classical Sociological Thought
SOC 352: Public Policy Analysis
SOC 356: Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 445: Advanced Topics in Deviant Behaviour
ANTH 102: Introduction to Social & Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 111: First Nations of British Columbia - Traditional Cultures
ANTH 130: Anthropology of World Religions
ANTH 220: Anthropology of Globalization & Development
ANTH 255: Introduction to Social Research
ANTH 270: Dynamics of Racism in Canada
ANTH 344: Indigenous Methodologies
ANTH 356: Qualitative Research Methods
ANTH 375: Indian Mediascapes
MACS 110: Introduction to Communication Theory
MACS 130: Mass Communications in Canada
MACS 201: Music & Society I
MACS 210: History of Communication
MACS 221: Media & Popular Culture
MACS 230: Cultural Industries in Canada
MACS 240: Media, Money & Power
MACS 255: Introduction to Social Research
MACS 270: Dynamics of Racism in Canada
MACS 299N: Special Topics in MACS: Storytelling, Photography & Resistance
We explore how dominant institutions, (mainstream media), use storytelling and photography to problematically represent those deemed 'the Other' based on socially constructed forms of difference (race, gender, class, (dis)ability,), and how the same media enables those who are othered to challenge the forces that seek to deine and control them.

MACS 299K: Special Topics in MACS: Media & Social Change
We examine potential/limitations of traditional and new media to educate and engage with a variety of social movements, reflecting on recent successes/failures in social change through media campaigns in the Canadian and international context, with particular focus on concepts including: public sphere, commodity activism, slacktivism, astroturfing, and greenwashing. Analyzing roles and competing interests of governments, corporations, artists, activists, and general audiences in communicating social change.

MACS 334: Cultural Policy
MACS 356: Qualitative Research Methods
MACS 375: Indian Mediascapes

MACS 385: TV & Social Values: The Simpsons

MACS 399L: Special Topics in MACS II: Children & Media
What roles do social forces play in shaping the experience of individuals and how societies respond to pandemics and disasters? Rooted in sociology and deploying a critical digital studies lens, we will examine pandemics and disasters using social, cultural, historical, and political factors that shape the "everyday".
GDS 100: A World of Development
GDS 250: Sociology of Development: The Global South
GDS 220: Anthropology of Globalization & Development
WMST 101: Introduction to Women's Studies I
LAS 162: Soccer and Song in Latin America
LAS 200: Social Issues in Latin America
LAS 459F: Special Topics in LAS: The Cold War in Latin America


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