Social, Cultural and Media Studies

Upcoming courses

Summer 2020

SOC 101: Introductory Sociology
SOC 201: Key Ideas in Sociology
SOC 210: Social Problems of Canadian Society
SOC 265: Social Inequality
SOC 299M: Special Topics: Media and Images of the Body
SOC 331: Sociology of Families
SOC 399K: Special Topics: Work and Occupations
ANTH 102: Introduction to Social & Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 111: First Nations of British Columbia - Traditional Cultures
ANTH 130: Anthropology of World Religions
MACS 110: Introduction to Communication Theory
MACS 130: Mass Communication in Canada
MACS/MUSC 201: Music & Society I
MACS 299E: Special Topics: Media and Images of the Body
MACS 299H: Special Topics: Superheroes
MACS/SOC 385: TV & Social Values: The Simpsons


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