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SOC 101: Introductory Sociology

SOC 200: Social Issues in Latin America                                                             

SOC 215: Socialization
SOC 230: The Individual and Society
SOC 245: Deviant Behaviour

SOC 250: Sociology of Development: Global South

SOC 255: Introduction to Social Research
SOC 260: Food, Culture, and Society
SOC 275: Sociology of Death and Dying
SOC 289: Sociology of Animals in Western Society
SOC 313: Agriculture & Rural Life
SOC 330: Culture and Cognition
SOC 331: Sociology of Families
SOC 350: Classical Sociology Thought
SOC 356: Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 388: Minority Indigenous Peoples of the World
SOC 399P: Political Sociology
SOC 435: Sociology of Sexuality
ANTH 102: Introduction to Social & Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 130: Anthropology of World Religions
ANTH 209: Language and Culture
ANTH 220: Globalization & Development
ANTH 255: Introduction to Social Research
ANTH 260: Food for Thought: Food, Culture & Society
ANTH 356: Qualitative Research Methods
ANTH 388: Minority Indigenous Peoples of the World
MACS 110: Introduction to Communication Theory
MACS 130: Mass Communication in Canada
MACS 201: Music & Society I
MACS 235: Introduction to Journalism in Canada
MACS 255: Introduction to Social Research
MACS 299G: Special Topics: Star Wars - A Cultural History
MACS 356: Qualitative Research Methods
MACS 399H: Special Topics: Canadian Cinema & Media Industry
MACS 399I: Special Topics: Anarchist Media & Cinema Practices
GDS 220: Globalization & Development
GDS 250: Sociology of Development - The Global South
LAS 200: Social Issues in Latin America
LAS 388: Minority Indigenous Peoples of the World
WMST 101: Introduction to Women's Studies I




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