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Academic Integrity

Required to withdraw

Appeal your Required to Withdraw status

If you have been required to withdraw under the Undergraduate Continuance policy (92) and seek to register in the upcoming semester, you may appeal your Required to Withdraw status. Your appeal must give special consideration to how you will improve your academic record. To submit an appeal, do the following:


Consult with an academic advisor

Consult with an academic advisor to come up with an plan for how you will improve your academic standing.


Complete appeal form

Complete the Required to Withdraw Appeal (student form) and attach additional pages as needed. You must clearly demonstrate how you will be successful if permitted to continue or return to undergraduate studies. Ensure your answers on the form include the following:

  • Your educational goal
  • A course plan for the upcoming semester/s
  • An explanation of your renewed approach to learning

Provide supporting documentation

Where relevant, provide supporting documentation such as a course plan, or in case of extenuating circumstances beyond your control, a medical letter.


Submit your appeal

Submit your completed appeal to or in-person to the Office of the Registrar, at any campus.

Note: Appeals dropped off in-person must be addressed to Appeals, Office of the Registrar.

Appeals are reviewed by a committee chaired by the registrar (or designate). The decision of the committee is final. For further details on your Required to Withdraw status, review the Undergraduate Continuance Policy (92) and refer to the Academic Calendar.